Workout of the Day

This class is the bread and butter of our gym, and we believe that having well-rounded athletes is our overall mission at MBS CrossFit. Classes are taught by our highly experienced and certified coaches, and are able to be modified and scaled for all levels and ages.

Constantly Varied: This means that the work you’ll be doing is changing every day. We want your bodies to come in and be shocked by the work that you’re doing, which is the only way to get out of a routine. Making progress and having a full body workout but focusing on different moves and skills each day is highly beneficial to your training.

Functional Movements: There are no machines at our gym, you are the machines! We care about the safety of you being functional inside AND outside the gym. We are teaching you to be able to move real objects just like you would in your own life. Whether it be picking up furniture, carrying groceries, or putting a box on a high shelf, we’ve got you covered.

High Intensity: Classes are hard and fast. You are doing your best in your level of fitness to set records, get new times, and challenge yourself by knowing your old limits and pushing past them.