Discipline 1.A


Discipline 1.A

It is easy to overlook where discipline should start. Should it start with WHY (target) you desire to begin the discipline? Or HOW (action) you should create your disciplines? Maybe it should start with WHAT (consequence) will be the result if you fail to follow through with that particular discipline?

In one of his leadership podcasts, Craig Groeschel shared that rather than starting with WHY/HOW/WHAT we should start with WHO.

Who is it that we desire to be? Who do we want to be one week, one month, one year from now? Do you want to be more focused or organized? Someone who listens better? Maybe you want to be more loving towards your partner or children. Perhaps you want to have less of a temper or a longer fuse.

These are a few of many small practices that can support the WHO we desire to be:

  • Setting your clothes out the night before.
  • Making your bed in the morning.
  • Letting someone finish their thought before sharing yours.
  • Setting your phone aside when spending time with family.
  • Stepping away from a situation before responding at that moment.

Take some time to ponder the areas you want to focus on and what disciplines you feel would support a better you.

Small, consistent changes over time will inevitably change who we are!

Craig Groeschel’s leadership link below: