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Our brand of fitness is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. We specialize in making you look, feel, and perform at your highest level. Our team is committed to bringing out the best in you, and helping you achieve your goals. MBS has been changing lives and improving performance with people from all walks of life since 2008. Our fitness program is fun, engaging, and effective. Come be a part of something special!

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Triple 3's.

Triple 3′s.


Workout of the Day
With a partner for time:

Frantasy Land
21-15-9 reps
Thrusters 95/65 lb.

15-12-9 reps
Thrusters 115/75 lb.
Chest to bar pullups

12-9-6 reps
Thrusters 135/95 lb.
Bar muscle ups or 2x C2B pullups

The reps will be shared between partners. It does not matter how the reps are split.

Post your scores to the whiteboard.

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“Attitude. Bravery. Community. Dedication. Effort. Focus. Goals. Heart. Intensity. Joy. Kindness. Learning. Motivation. Nature. Optimism. Practice. Quality. Respect. Sweat. Toughness. Unity. Vision. Wisdom. Expertise. Youthfulness. Zeal. Moxie. Loyalty. Respect. Appreciation. Accountability. Virtuosity. Spirit. Inspiration. Tenacity. Valor. Family. Love. Badassery.”
-E.Jon Larson of Aspen CrossFit


Workout of the Day
With a partner, on the 10:00 interval:
For time:
Sled drag 400 yards 180/135 lb. on sled
For total load:
Each partner establish 1RM Deadlift
For time:
4×400 meter run (each partner runs two 400′s, alternating)

Post your scores to the whiteboard.

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MBS members getting out and enjoying their fitness!

MBS members getting out and enjoying their fitness!



Workout of the Day
For time:
60 Clean and jerks

L3 – 135/95 lb.
L2 – 115/75 lb.
L1 – 95/65 lb.

Extra credit:
Front squat, 5×5 work to a heavy set of 5

Post your scores to the whiteboard.

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A huge thanks to all the volunteers that help make the CrossFit Games happen.

A huge thanks to all the volunteers that help make the CrossFit Games happen.




Workout of the Day
Spend 15 minutes practicing handstands, either against a wall or freestanding.

Midline March
3 rounds for time of:
25 GHD sit-ups
50-foot handstand walk
50-foot overhead walking lunge, 155/105 lb.


3 Rounds for time of:
25 Abmat situps (anchored)
100-foot bear crawl
200-foot overhead walking lunge, 45/35 lb.

Post your scores to the whiteboard.

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Why Do You CrossFit?

I CrossFit because I love it. The first day I did CrossFit I instantly knew it was something I was going to do for the rest of my life. Seriously. You are never done – there is always something you can work on and be excited about. You surprise yourself with how much your body can actually do even though your mind says you can’t. You get results. Because I CrossFit, I feel capable and strong. I am this new woman who stands in her power. And I really LOVE my body. My body is this amazing tool that can do muscle ups, push ups, dead lift over 300 pounds and still wear the sh*t out of a dress,bikini or some nice short shorts. I’ve never felt more confident in my entire life and I know a big part of that is because of CrossFit.
-Emily P.

Why do I CrossFit?  Because in a lifetime of trying to stay in shape, nothing else has kept my interest and given the kind of results I’ve experienced.  At 40 years old, I was able to truthfully declare myself to be in FAR better shape than I was when I was 20 (after only three years of CrossFit).  CrossFit is the most fun, challenging and rewarding physical endeavor I’ve found – after a hard day of work, it’s like recess for grown-ups!
-Jason W.

I do crossfit because I like to do baddass things with baddass people !  All my life I’ve sought out and surrounded myself with people that excel at what they do and athletics is no exception.
-Jason C.

Tatum Xfit

I initially started CrossFit to keep up with my guy friend’s; they
were all physically active and I didn’t like them beating me at
everything.  Now that I am able to hold my own with them, I mostly do
CrossFit so I can eat!
-Tatum M.


The year I started CrossFit my Dad passed away from Esophageal Cancer after an 8 month battle.  I didn’t take care of myself at all during that stressful time and between that and two shoulder surgeries that year I was in the worst shape physically and mentally that I had ever been in my life.  CrossFit helped me turn things around, and I can’t believe all the gains it has helped me make physically and mentally. Also the CrossFit community is so great, and we are lucky to have such an amazing community at MBS!
-John B.

It’s recess for adults and it’s funny when people cry.
-James P.


I CrossFit so I can be a first time Mom at 40 years old.
-Shirley M.

1.       I like the people.  I like being to walk into the box and say hello to friends.  I like to have conversations with folks about CrossFit, about their kids, about their careers or just life in general.  Some of those conversations allow me to share my story, my faith in God.  That is really cool for me.  There are some really outstanding people at MBS.  My life is so much richer because of some of the people that I have met.

2.       CrossFit helps me stay fit.  Most folks know that I’m not the youngest guy in the box (I’m 50).  But I have a 4 kids, ages 11 all the way down to 1.  I gotta stay in shape to keep up with my kids.  I don’t want to be in the backyard and have to tell one of my kids “Daddy can’t do that but I’ll watch you”.  When that happens, Superman loses his cape.  I won’t be Superman forever to my kids, but right now I am (kinda).

3.       I love to compete.  I really enjoy looking at the white board and seeing how I compare.  There are certain guys (and gals too) that I know are really good at a certain movement and they will post a good score.  I try to use those scores to push me.  I wouldn’t work nearly as hard without the people around me and without that whiteboard.  Most of all, I like to compete against myself.  I love the feeling of having redlined a workout and post a better score or lifted a heavier weight than I did six months ago.  That’s motivating to me.
-Michael K.


Workout of the Day
21-15-9 Complex from 2014 Games
For time:
8 deadlifts
7 cleans
6 snatches
8 pull-ups
7 chest-to-bar pull-ups
6 bar muscle-ups
6 deadlifts
5 cleans
4 snatches
6 pull-ups
5 chest-to-bar pull-ups
4 bar muscle-ups
4 deadlifts
3 cleans
2 snatches
4 pull-ups
3 chest-to-bar pull-ups
2 bar muscle-ups

L3 – 155/105 lb.
L2 – 135/95 lb.
L1 – 95/65 lb.

*If you don’t have bar muscle ups, you can modify with toes to bar, additional chest to bar pullups, or burpee pullups.

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.

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Congratulations, Pat!


Pat battled his way through 4 days of grueling workouts and took his place among the fittest men in the world for a 33rd place finish. We’re all so proud of you, Pat. Your determination and hard work are inspirational! You’ve got a gym full of fans waiting for you here at home with hugs, handshakes, fist bumps, and high fives.

Workout of the Day
For time:
Row 3000
200 double unders
Run 1 mile

Post your scores to the whiteboard.

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deficit hspu

deficit hspu

Gymnastics Workout of the Day
10 minute AMRAP:
1 strict, weighted, or very hard something of your choice (weighted or strict muscle up, strict bar muscle up, back tuck, strict HSPU)
2 cartwheels (one on each side)
3 forward rolls
4 burpees
5 straight leg toes to bar

Post your scores to the whiteboard

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 Go, Pat Go!



Pat is fighting his way up the leader board and is currently in 29th place overall. Heats for Individual Men’s Muscle Up Biathlon begin at 12:39pm Mountain Time.  Watch live streaming here.


Workout of the Day
3 rounds for time:
400 meter run
21 kettlebell swings (1.5 pood)
12 pull-ups

Post your scores to the whiteboard

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A Visual guide to the Double Under


The key to double unders is really in the wrists. Your jump should only be slightly higher than in a single jump rope. Chest up, elbows in, no donkey kicks and no dolphin kicks.

Workout of the Day
For time:
120′ (2x pullup rig) Overhead walking lunge 45/25 lb.
60 Abmat situps
50 Double unders
40 Pullups
30 Ball slams 40/30 lb.
20 Hang power cleans 185/125 lb.
Run 400 meters

Extra credit:
AMRAP burpees in 3 minutes

Post your scores to the whiteboard





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Shirley’s Summertime Zucchini recipe

photo 1-2

I didn’t know what else to call it, other than maybe ‘What to do with the extraordinary bounty of zucchini coming from your garden.’  I just threw this together trying to use up the zucchini and SURPRISE it tastes great! Since I made it up on the fly, the recipe is a little on the casual side.  You can add more or less of anything to suit your tastes.

3 zucchini
2 lemons, also shave some of the zest from one of the lemons.
A handfull of pine nuts (toast them first for richer flavor.)
Goat cheese
Olive oil
Salt and pepper

Julienne (thin spaghetti like slices) the zucchini with a mandolin slicer.  You could try it by hand but that would take you the majority of the day.  The center core of the zucchini will be mostly seeds; discard those pieces. They taste fine but their consistency will be mushier.

Toss the zucchini with a little bit of salt then place the zucchini in a paper towel lined bowl and let it sit for about 45 minutes. You might want to change the paper towel half way through.  This will draw some of the water out of the zucchini.  If you skip this step it will come out soggy.

Sautee the zucchini in a little olive oil on medium high for about 20 minutes. Toss with fresh squeezed lemon juice (add a little zest of the lemon too!), salt and pepper and top with goat cheese and pine nuts.

Workout of the Day
Work up your snatch to a heavy single.  Use roughly 80% of your daily single for the workout below.  The weight should be enough to be challenging, but not so much that you are missing repeatedly.


On the minute for 20 minutes:
1 snatch (power or squat, whatever is greater)
5 wall balls (heavy)


Extra credit:
AMRAP Air squats in 3 minutes

Post your scores to the whiteboard.



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CrossFit World Games 2014



Today starts individual competition. Schedule of events here.

Watch it on ESPN or you can see live streaming here.

Go P. Burke!  You’ve got the whole MBS family cheering for you!

Workout of the Day
15 minutes to build to a heavy complex: 1 clean pull, 1 hang clean, 1 front squat.

Death by Front squats and pullups
Do 1 front squat on the first minute. Do 2 pullups on the second minute. Do 3 front squats on the third. Continue until you cannot complete the reps within the minute.

L3 – 135/95 lb., chest to bar pullups
L2 – 115/75 lb.
L1 – 95/65 lb.

Extra credit:
AMRAP Abmat situps in 3 minutes

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.



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Women of MBS

ladies of mbs


L to R and top to bottom:
Crystal P. getting great triple extension
Emily P. smiling even during ring pushups.
Anke S. working through her injury.
Ashly F. with impressive back and shoulders.
Mandy S. working on shoulder stability.

Before I knew CrossFitters, most women I knew (if they worked out at all) did power walking, light yoga or some sort of resemblance of pilates, but hardly broke a sweat. Women who try CrossFit are unique. Women who love CrossFit are toughies who could probably lift more than most guys at a globo-gym.

Workout of the Day
5 rounds for time
30KB Swings 53/35
20 Pushups
10 Box jumps 24″/20″

Extra credit:
Pullups AMRAP in 3 minutes

Post your scores to the whiteboard

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Muscle ups so fast the camera couldn't keep up!

Muscle ups so fast the camera couldn’t keep up!


Mid-line Strength

Mid-line, core, trunk…whatever you want to call the part between your powerful hips and legs and your upper body, needs to be strong if you want to be functional. If you want to be EXTREMELY functional, like the ability to snatch your body weight, pull yourself over gymnastic rings, or walk on your hands across the room, you are going to need to work on that core. You can see in the picture above that in order to come over the top of the rings, you must have a strong and quick (aka powerful) flexion at the hip to get stability and balance at the top of the rings for a muscle up. Our toes to bar exercise is a great way to build your core into a functional powerhouse!


Workout of the Day
Spend 10 minutes practicing your gymnastic kip. Get 5-7 sets of kips, building into a straight leg toes to bar.

For time:
10-1 Deadlifts
1-10 Toes to bar

L3 – 185/125 lb.
L2 – 155/105 lb.
L1 – 135/95 lb.

Extra credit:
AMRAP pushups in 3 minutes

Post your scores to the whiteboard.

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Sanitas Mountain in Boulder is a great hike. It's about 4 miles and takes about 1 hour to complete.

Sanitas Mountain in Boulder is a great hike. It’s about 4 miles and takes about 1 hour to complete.


Sorry Gymnastics and Open gym is cancelled this morning. Get out and enjoy a hike or a park!


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Meriah will be competing in Salt Lake City tomorrow.

Meriah will be competing in Salt Lake City tomorrow.


Lift heavy $hit!
Coach Meriah will be representing MBS tomorrow at the National Weightlifting Championships in Salt Lake City. You can watch the meet online with the link below. For those of you wanting to work on your lifts, Meriah will be putting together several Olympic lifting seminars starting in August. Stay tuned for more info!
Here is the link to the live feed to watch the 2014 Weightlifting National Championships.  The competition started on Friday. Coach Meriah will compete Sunday, 1pm mountain time on the RED platform in the 75kg A session.  For a schedule and updates you can go here.



Workout of the Day
10 rounds for time of:
10 Thrusters (95 lbs)
10 Ring push-ups
(20-min time cap)


With a partner, AMRAP 20:
P1 – 10 Thrusters 95/65 lb.
P2 – 10 Ring pushups
P1 – 200 meter run
P2 – Return to thrusters and continue to alternate through triplet. Only one partner works at a time.

Post your scores to the whiteboard.

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