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Pulling sleds.

Pulling sleds.


Workout of the Day
15 minutes: Floor Press, work up to a 3RM

“Coach’s choice” Workout
Extra credit:
2K row for time

Post your scores to whiteboard.

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This is how you earn your lifestyle point!

This is how you earn your lifestyle point!


Sunday Morning Romantic Eggs Benedict for Two

(Tastes Better if you bring it to your significant other in bed with a cup of coffee and a vase w/ a flower)

By S. Young


4 eggs
1 Large Tomato cut into thick slices
4 slices of cooked Nitrate Free / Sugar Free Bacon or slices of your favorite approved meat
1 sliced and peeled Avocado

4 egg yolks
Pinch sea salt
Pinch Cayenne
Dash of Paprika
½ Lemon
2 T melted Ghee

Cook 2 eggs for each of you (4 total) over medium, season to taste.
Meanwhile, In a blender/ food processor combine 4 egg yolks, sea salt, cayenne paprika and lemon juice and blend on medium–high setting till sauce thickens. Lower speed to medium and slowly add melted ghee.

Once the eggs and sauce are done get out 2 plates. On each plate layer / stack 2 slices of tomato, ½ of the sliced avocado, 2 pieces of cooked bacon, then 2 eggs. Drizzle sauce over the top.

Feed each other in bed!
(Just an FYI to all you 8WTC’ers, this recipe submission by Steve is EXACTLY what we are looking for in order to earn your full 5 bonus points. It includes a cropped picture, ingredients, instructions, and some commentary. Each individual can submit one recipe to patrick@mbscrossfit.com for an additional 5 points)



MBS 8 WTC 1/2 Potluck and Recipe Contest!

When: Sat, October 11th from 11am-1pm

Where: In the gym after the 10am class finishes up

Can you believe we are already 3 weeks into the challenge?! Hopefully by now you are mastering label reading, learning new foods and how to cook with them! Three weeks in means we are only 1 week away from the MBS 8 WTC 1/2 Potluck and Recipe Contest! A chance for those with their social media food porn to really show off and let us see if it is as good as it looks and win prizes! To RSVP and for more details about the potluck and contest click here password: MBS8WTC.

Contest or no please join us for good food and even better company at the MBS 8 WTC 1/2 Potluck and Recipe Contest on Sat, October 11th from 11am-1pm! Please RSVP by by clicking here (password: MBS8WTC) to sign up for a dish to share and/or the recipe contest.

If after reading all the info at the links above, please let me know if you have any other questions!


Meriah McLeish


Workout of the Day
15 minutes: Front Squat, 7-10 x 1 rep @ 70-80%. Take short rests and try to get in as many reps as you can in the time. No higher than 80% because we are looking for speed.

21-15-9 reps for time:
Handstand pushups

L3 – 225/155 lb.
L2 – 185/125 lb.
L1 – 155/105 lb.

400 Meter Sprint
Rest 1:1
300 Meter Sprint
Rest 1:1
200 Meter Sprint
Rest 1:1
100 Meter Sprint

Post your scores to the whiteboard.

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maroon bells

This amazing photo courtesy of Jason C.

We are so lucky to live in one of the most beautiful parts of the country, especially this time of year. Before it’s too late, get outside, breathe deep and feel the cool changing air fill your lungs, relish the smell of the moisture in the air and the changing leaves.

Workout of the Day
In teams of 3-4, partition work as needed:
50 Muscle-ups or 75 CTB Pullups
100 Power cleans, 135/95 lb.
150 Ring or bar Dips
200 Pistols (modify as needed)
300 KB swings, 53/35 lb.

100 Reverse flys on “light” Crossover bands

Post your scores to the whiteboard

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#paleochallenge #MBS8WTC


We are entering our third week of the 8-Week Team Challenge, a paleo/lifestyle challenge that encourages us to make better nutrition and lifestyle decisions. The 3-4 week mark is where you can expect to really start seeing the benefits of our challenge. Hopefully, you are beginning to see some benefits and finding a new balance to your life. The goal of all of this is to trade old, unhealthy habits, with new, healthy habits. Good luck to everyone on Week 3!

This week’s 8WTC Lifestyle point can be earned through doing one thing for another. This was posted on the Nutrition FB group:

The lifestyle challenge this week is to do something for someone else. This could range from getting your coworker or coach a cup of coffee;). It could be telling someone that you appreciate them. I want it to be something outside your current normal. It has to be a challenge for you. Like the workout point, it’s up to you to judge what qualifies or not. For example, just because I say “good job” to someone in the gym, that won’t cut it for me. It would have to be something more genuine and beyond what I currently do. Maybe there’s a charity that you’ve heard about and want to make a donation to? Or maybe there’s a friend that is needing some help and you can make some time in your busy schedule to give them a hand? Or maybe you can come home early and surprise your family with a little outing and quality time? The choices are endless. Everyday, I want you to do something for someone else that is unexpected and challenges you to think of others before yourself. Some of you are naturals at this. Some of you are going to find it more challenging. Share your stories on the group page!



Workout of the Day
15 minutes: Push Press, find your 1 rep max.

Push Ups
One Arm DB Snatches, Alternating
Box Jumps

L3 – 70/50 lb., 24/20″
L2 – 55/35 lb.
L1 – 45/25 lb., 20/16″
3 x 1 minute weighted Front Leaning Rest (on hands) with feet elevated to 12″ box.

Post your scores to the whiteboard.

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Ben and Erika with some LEGIT reps :)

Ben and Erika with some LEGIT reps :)

Today we will be working on handstand push ups and free standing handstand push ups depending on your current level.  The focus will be on form and keeping a tight hollow.  It’s easier to push a stick than a rope.  Today, no handstands facing away from the wall will be allowed.

For the toes to rope, it is simply a hang and raise your toes to the rope just like you would a bar.  Kipping is allowed although we will work both strict and kipping in the warm up/skill portion.  (see here for demo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyDrGiWHJnI ) Toes to bar is an appropriate scale, or toes to rings.

Workout of the Day
10 minute AMRAP
1 handstand push up (facing the wall or free standing)
1 toes to rope
2 handstand push up
2 toes to rope
3 handstand push up
3 toes to rope

… increasing until time is up.

Post your scores to the whiteboard.

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YouTube Preview Image

I actually like this drill quite a bit. Unless you are in our Strength classes on Tues/Thurs evening practicing your snatch and CJ on a regular basis, you could probably use some work on making that bar contact “in the pocket” and getting that final hip explosion before jumping under the bar. Skip to :50 and watch the drill…5 minutes of that drill a day with PVC or an empty bar could help you out a lot.


Classes at 8,9, and 10am this morning!


Working on some snatch technique this morning. We will do a lot of mobility and drills, then work on the movements in the following complex:

Workout of the Day
Power snatch
Hang snatch
Full snatch (squat)

Post your scores to the whiteboard as 1RM’s of ea movement.


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You Know you’re in the Middle of a Nutrition Challenge When…


Monster burger by Stephanie M. and Erika B.


…when you’re ready to throw down for the ripe avocados at whole foods…against another MBSer!

…there is no paleo-friendly bacon at the grocery store for a 10 mile radius.

…you judge everyone else’s shopping carts. (read: jealous).

…your co-workers ask if you’re hosting a Tupperware party.

…your pants start fitting better.

…when you turn down free alcohol while gambling in Vegas.

…every food and drink advertisement – even the ones you don’t like – works on you: “Cheese and bacon stuffed crust from Pizza Hut? Sounds good! Feel like a watered down version of Miller Lite? I don’t like beer but I sure could drink a case of it right now!”

…a webpage suggests you enable cookies and all you can think about now is Mmmmmmmm….. cookies.

These are some of ‘the best of’ pulled from John O.’s FB post.


Workout of the Day
Use this as a warm up for the workout:
3 Sets of Bear complex, working up to your highest weight: Bear complex = 7 rounds: 1 PC, 1 FS, 1 PP, 1 BS, 1PP. You cannot set the bar down in between, it must touch and go…yes, your grip is going to hurt on this one.

For time:
21 Deadlift
21 Pull-ups
Row 750m
15 Power clean
15 Pull-ups
Row 500m
9 Push press
9 Pull-ups
Row 250m

L3 – 155/115 lb.
L2 – 135/95 lb.
L1 – 95/65 lb.

Extra Credit: Run 1 mile

Post your scores to the whiteboard.



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The lunch class.

The 12pm class eats CF workouts for lunch.


Workout of the Day
Stone to shoulder practice, work up to your heaviest stone

Strongman medley, 3 attempts for best time.
For time:
15 yard sled pull, very heavy
15 yard sand bag carry, very heavy
3 stones to shoulder, heavy, heavier, heaviest
15 yard sand bag carry
15 yard sled pull

We should be aiming to finish this medley at around 1:45-2:15. Rest as needed between attempts.
15 Strict toes to bar
Run 800
15 Strict toes to bar

Post your scores to the whiteboard.

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Launie getting her first rope climb!

Launie getting her first rope climb!


Congrats to everyone that hit double under, HSPU and rope climb pr’s in yesterday’s workout. Consistency pays off!


Workout of the Day
Press, Push press, Push jerk test:
Choose from either 95/65 lb. or 75/55 lb. and press as many times as you can. Once you can press no more, immediately begin push pressing and do that for as long as you can. Once you can push press no more, push jerk for as many reps as you can. Record the three scores. For example, I get 16 presses before switching to push press, then I get to 25 before I switch to push jerks, and I finish with 35 reps. My score would be recorded to see the switches as such: “16-25-35.”

With a partner for time:
3 rounds of:
20 Pull-Ups + 40 Wall Balls, 20/14 lb.
3 rounds of:
40 Push-Ups + 80 AbMat Sit-Ups
3 rounds of:
80 Air Squats + 160 Double Unders
1 round of: 40 Deadlifts, 225/155 lb.

Partners divide reps how ever they choose. Only 1 partner working at at time.
10 minutes of lower body mobility

Post your scores to the whiteboard.

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Happy Birthday Coach Forrest! 



Happy Birthday to you…
Happy Birthday to you…
Happy Birthday dear Coach Forrest…
Happy Birthday to youuuuuuu!

Just look at that smile.  The most genuine of guys you’ll ever meet, Coach Forrest is an amazing friend, coach, mentor, brother, uncle and fiance to the lucky Brittany H. This place would come to a dead stop without all his behind the scenes work to keep MBS running smooth.  We appreciate you, Coach Forrest.  Happy Birthday!

Workout of the Day
3 Rounds:
1 Legless Rope Climb
3 Bar Muscle Ups
5 Deficit HSPU (9″/5″)
50 Unbroken Double Unders

3 Rounds:
2 Rope climbs
6 Jumping bar muscle ups or 9 CTB pullups
8 Regular HSPU’s or 12 pushups
50 Total DU’s or 150 Singles

For quality AND time. Meaning, we’ll still have the clock running, but don’t get so carried away by your time that you sacrifice working on skills that need improvement.
Bench press, work up to 1RM

Post your scores to the whiteboard.



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My spiral notebook logbook.

My spiral notebook logbook.


Keeping a Logbook

By Rich T

Keeping a logbook is not an option. I see my log book as a tool for me and my coach to track my progress or lack there of. I record my body weight daily so that I can look back and see how my work capacity changes as I increase muscle mass. My log book helps me find the weight at which I perform my best. Writing out my day’s work and then visualizing myself doing it is very motivating for me. This is the biggest reason I keep log book.

Try this – before you step foot in the gym write down all the work you are going to do in your session. I do this just about every day. I also include the percentages of weight I will be lifting in a strength wod. If I do more than what I have written down that’s fine, I’ll just record it as I complete it. Because of my logbook, I know all of my numbers, which keeps me driven to break my personal records. Recording information about how I felt about the workout, my diet, and sleep is also helpful. Keeping a log gives me a feeling that I’m serious about my training.

It works best for me to record one day’s work per page. At the top, I write the date, time, and body weight. Another way is to record a week’s work on one page. This may be helpful to see how much volume is in your weekly program. If you want to see a neat way to organize your book, take a look at Carolina’s. She has a few pages in the back set aside to record PR’s. I suggest that you keep a logbook for an entire year. If you do this you’ll need it to be sturdy.

I’m left handed so I use a notebook with the spiral on top. The pages tear out easily but I deal with it. A book with the spiral down the side is a little better but pages still tear out easily. The MBS log books (not in stock, sorry) kick ass because they have so much useful information inside. Because I usually have two training sessions per day, I don’t have enough room to write the work I do or I would use one. Other choices are a ledger book or a simple composition notebook.


This week’s lifestyle point is to track your workouts using a logbook, online log, or whatever means you have to record your work. We HIGHLY recommend using a real (one that you can touch with your hands) logbook because the process of writing down WHAT YOU’RE PLANNING ON DOING and then WHAT YOU DID is so helpful. You can visualize while writing down your workout before you do it, then you reflect on what you did after the workout…it’s much more effective process. Way more effective than simply punching a few keys into your smartphone after the wod.


Workout of the Day
No hands, no feet hang squat clean warm up. Build up to heavy 4RM.

20 Minute AMRAP:
10 Hang Squat Cleans
15 Weighted Abmat situps 20/14 lb. (adv. do 15 GHD situps)
20 Wall Balls, 20/14 lb.

L3 – 185/125 lb.
L2 – 155/105 lb.
L1 – 115/75 lb.

Make squat cleans heavier than your usual.
Reverse Hyper, 3×20

Post your scores to the Whiteboard.


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Super GWOD

Super GWOD

Steph, Sean, Anke and Garet braved the hip shoot/plank walk wod last Sunday.  I dare you to try it as extra credit. If done correctly, it’s no joke.  Low back and core super wod.

It was: 5 rounds 50 foot hip shoot and 50 foot plank walk. Demos here: http://gymnasticswod.com/content/hip-shoots and here: http://gymnasticswod.com/content/plank-walk. I had them use 2.5 plates on their feet as sliders.

Gymnastics Workout of the Day
15 minute AMRAP:
1 Forward roll
5 Burpees
10 Pull ups
15 Jumping Lunges


Post your scores to the whiteboard.

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Eric getting work done on the rower.

Eric getting work done on the rower.


The lifestyle challenge for the second week of the 8WTC is to log your workout. You may use a notebook, online log, or whatever means is most convenient for you to track your workouts. Tips and recommendations about recording your workouts will be posted in the Nutrition page.


Normal class times today at 8, 9, and 10am. Bring a friend to the 10am workout of the day!


Workout of the Day
20 minute AMRAP:
5 Front squats
7 HSPU or dips
9 Toes to bar

L3 – 135/95 lb.
L2 – 115/75 lb.
L1 – 95/65 lb.

Post your scores to the whiteboard.

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Football Food


My husband is a football FANATIC.  Me… not so much.  I’m in it for the food.  So I’ll take any game day as an excuse to put out a spread of food big enough to feed the neighborhood. But what’s a girl to do when she’s on an MBS 8 Week Lifestyle Challenge? You can stay the course with mouth watering recipes from Paleomg.  Click here to being drooling.

A few tips for today’s Wall Balls:

*Keep your chest up. Keeping your gaze upward will help keep your chest up.
*Keep your elbows up enough so the ball is in between your face and neck.
*Weight in the heels, don’t fall forward.
*Drive through the heels.
*Jump if you need to in order to hit the target. (It won’t kill you, I promise.)


charlie bad

*Thanks to Charlie D. for being today’s model.

Workout of the Day
15 minutes: Box squat, 5-5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1 up to 1RM
4 Rounds alternating rounds with a partner, not for time:
4-3-2-1 Band resisted sprint runs (about 20 yards or 10 seconds each)
10-20-30-40 Wall balls
15-12-9-6 Strict Pullups (no bands, partner assisted)

Partner A will go first. Partner B hold the band around P-A’s waist for the resisted sprint, which will be sets of 10-seconds each. So, in round 1, it will be 4 sets of a 10-second resisted sprint, turning around and resetting after each set. Immediately after the sprint, P-A will do first round of wall balls, then the pullups. Whatever strict pullups you cannot complete on your own, you partner will assist you to get chin over bar. After P-A completes first round, P-B will do first round. Alternate until completion.


Extra Credit: Spend 10 minutes on lower body mobilization.

Post your scores to the whiteboard


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Last years Deadlift Ladder at the Turkey Challenge.

Last years Deadlift Ladder at the Turkey Challenge.


2014 Turkey Challenge

This years Turkey Challenge will be held on November 22nd and 23rd. This will be our FIFTH YEAR hosting the event!!! I am so grateful for the support we have gotten each year from our athletes, volunteers, and community to be able to host it.

Divisions being held this year:

- Pro Individual
- Pro Team (2 guys/girls)
- Open Individual
- Open Team (2 guys/girls)
- Masters Individual

Registration will open Monday, October 6th. In the next week we will be releasing more info about the weekend and what to expect – we are really looking forward to this year!!!  As always, we are looking for good men and women to help us run the event…Our volunteers make it happen. If you are interested on being a volunteer or judge, please email Patrick@mbscrossfit.com. Thanks!



Workout of the Day
Teams of 2, Complete simultaneously for 3 Rounds
P1 – 500 Meter Run
P2 – 125 Double Unders (partners may help DU’s and cannot switch until complete)
Each partner does each for 3 rounds
125 Toes to bar (shared, one partner works at a time)
Finish with 300 ft (length of gym) shared with partner wheel barrow

Score total time to complete.

10 minutes of Handstand practice (holds, walks, balances)

Post your scores to the whiteboard.

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